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Nestled in the heart of a serene and scenic campus, the Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory stands out as an exemplary temple of learning and research. The layout Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory Unit encompasses science, art and aesthetics- which quite aptly reflect the activities which go on inside the laboratory. The first thing that anyone who visits the Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory at GKVK, is the beautiful landscape of the laboratory.

Situated right across a century old “Heritage Banyan tree”, the set up manages to imply that both nature and technology can coexist in tandem with the thoughtful usage of technology, the world will be able to cope up with the huge advances in science which can be mind boggling at times.

The Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory unlike any other laboratory yearns to subtly bring out the messages about education, science, ethics, aesthetics, and art.

Dr. B.N.Sathyanarayana

Dr. B.N.Sathyanarayana

M.Sc (Agri), Ph.D (London)
Professor of Horticulture and In charge

World's First Theme garden


"Plant Tissue Culture"

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