Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory (PTCL) Bangalore

PTCL Bangalore


Bahiru Duguma

"This is amazing juncture at work. Science seems to cross path with Art and the brain behind it must be constantly rewarded to stretch the frontier of knowledge"
Mr.Bahiru DugumaTeam Leader, National Capacity Programs, Office of Agriculture,
                                       U.S.A.I.D, U.S. Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan


"A brilliant exposition of tissue culture. Creative and inspiring theme garden. Compliments and best wishes"
Dr. S. AyyapanDirector General, ICAR,New Delhi- 11/11/2010

"This is a place where science meets art; body blends with soul. One can see plants ‘speaking’. I enjoyed seeing the facility"
Dr. C. Deva KumarADG (EPD),ICAR, New Delhi - 30/10/2010

"Very satisfying to see how well Govt. of India money has been utilized and how it is contributing to agricultural development. The Café Refresh is most impressive and pleasant. I wish the very best"
Dr. Upma ChawdharyJoint Secretary (Seeds), Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Govt. of India - 21/05/2010

"Excellent research facilities created in a University system. I appreciate and congratulate the head and their lab-mates and encourage moving further and wish to come out one of the best labs in academic institutions of the public sector"
Dr. S.K. DattaDDG (CS),Dr. N.D. Jambhale,ADG (Seeds),ICAR, Krishi Bhavan,New Delhi - 25/10/2009

"The concept of building the lab, execution and layout of the lab is superb. Excellent working condition. I congratulate the team. Keep it up"
Dr. H.V. NanjappaDean (PGS), GKVK, Bengaluru - 10/01/2010

"Indeed it was a great pleasure to visit the tissue culture lab and get acquainted with latest developments in high value horticultural crops. Having visited many of the advanced laboratories both in India and abroad, I can confidently say that this lab is second to none. I congratulate Dr. Sathyanarayana and team of dedicated students and staff for the excellent job in producing millions of TC plants at an affordable cost/ price. The innovative efforts made on the use of locally available materials like cotton, coconut fibre is most appreciable"
Dr. V.S. KorikanthimathEx. Director, ICAR Research Complex for Goa, Ela, Old Goa- 22/03/2010

"An average intelligent mind’s dreams put to reality by an artistically scientific personality"
Ms. Pushpa SumshyComptroller, Sher-E-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science and Technology, Jammu - 15/12/2010

"Today I have seen a wonderful and an excellent tissue culture lab. You deserve all the compliments for creating such a facility"
Dr. T. JanakiramHead, Floriculture and Landscaping, IARI, New Delhi - 28/07/2010

"Being an organic chemist, it was an excellent experience to visit the tissue culture lab headed by Dr. Sathyanarayana. The cutting edge research work along with commercial implementation from this lab is world class. I congratulate Prof. Sathyanarayana for his immense contribution to science. Best wishes for all the future works"
Dr. Prakash SanjeevaiahTechnical Director, Star Thermoplastics, Broadview, USA - 15/07/2010

"I am very happy to see that tissue culture lab is established which is perhaps unique in the state as well as in the country, specifically for horticulture crops. Funds properly and timely utilized which were given by Govt. of India. I hope it will contribute in a better way for the development of farmers’ community. Best wishes"
Gorelal DevakerAD (Seeds), Ministry of Agriculture, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi - 24/06/2010

"I am very happy to see the world’s first theme garden. Highly impressed with tissue culture lab and work going on. Best wishes, keep it up"
Dr. S.K. MalhotraPrincipal Scientist (Hort.), ICAR, KAB- II, New Delhi - 29/05/2010

"I am highly impressed with the vision with which the facility has been created and maintained. Exemplary outlook and thinking"
Dr. C.K. NarayanaPrincipal Scientist and Head, Division of Post Harvest Technology, IIHR, Bengaluru - 24/03/2010

"Excellent facilities and useful interaction with the team led by Dr. Sathyanarayana. Makes great sense for the farming community. Keep it up"
Dr. Vikram SinghDirector, MANAGE, Hyderabad - 12/03/2010

"I am extremely happy to see such a wonderful facility put up by an able friend. I wish Dr. Sathyanarayana the very best and compliment him on his achievements"
Dr. Leela SahijramPrincipal scientist and Chief (Tissue Culture), IIHR, Bengaluru - 21/01/2010

"I am quite impressed by the rapid progress this tissue culture lab has made within a short time. It has the potential for excellent relation with farmers. Certainly worth for funding and continue to expand this facility"
Dr. Ashok AlvaUSDA Professor, Washington - 13/11/2009

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